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Cyber Security: The Essential to Live In the Era of Technology

 Living in the era of technology demands up-gradation in daily routine. The use of technology somehow modernizes the crime acts too. These crimes proceeded through the help of a technology known as Cyber Crimes. To enjoy the protection from these cyber-crimes, Cyber Security exclaimed as the great practice. Cyber Security is protecting internet-connected devices and applications. It includes software, hardware data that have high cyber threats. Cybersecurity is also reclaimed as Information technology security.  Cybersecurity is a vast domain that further undergoes broad categorical division. Some of the significant areas of Cybersecurity are discussed below:

1. Network Security
Network security includes activities of protecting devices including computer, mobile and electronic systems. It practices the safety of defending the reliability, integrity, and safety of Networks by effectively blocking intruders and malicious malware threats. Network security includes anti-virus and firewall software. Network security also block spyware from targeted attackers.

2. Application Security
Application security is the most focused type of cybersecurity. Potentially successful application security started with the design of the development. It protects the user's data through any cyber threat that can come from design or maintenance flaws. 

3. Information Security
Information security is a highly fragile type of cybersecurity and demands high focus. This kind of security includes the practices of defending the information, including the information in storage. It promotes the blocking of unauthorized access and identity theft. The technique used to maintain this security includes Cryptography and identification and authentication of the user.

4. Disaster Recovery 
Disaster recovery security approached at a higher level through big organizations or businesses by risk assessment and creating new priorities. This type of security, recovery of lost data or operations, is tried to achieve in response to some Cybersecurity conduct. All businesses must have a disaster recovery plan to continue operating the business after cyber threats immediately.

Types of Cyber Threats
Living in the era of IT, everything diversified and intensified. The impact of crime also strengthened. Everything turned into modernism with the use of technology. Criminal minds also adopt this trend in creating threats for malicious purposes. Cyber threats have been an intensive topic of debate lately due to the more casual happening. Cyber attackers utilized different software and techniques to achieve their goals. There are various types of cyber threats present in societies and have been considered more significant problems to tackle. These threats have different types of harmful impacts. Sometimes this impact could be life-threatening—specific types of cyber threats categorized as below.

1. Cybercrime
Cybercrime is the most common and popular type of cyber threat. It involves a group or single person behind the scene. The target of this type of attack is mostly the banking system or the big organizations' operational system to mainly accomplish their financial gains. Qualified hackers are involved in this type of threat, usually to cause errors in transactions. Sometimes rivalry business opponents use this type of tactic to cause the destruction or disruption in the operating system.

2. Cyberattacks
Cyber-attacks exclaimed as the attack on the information or essential confidential data. This type of attack mostly happened to gain political information. Cyber-attacks could go from small to a broader range. This type of cyber threat could also be dangerous for the security of a nation or a country. Governments undergo various kinds of cybersecurity protocols to ensure the safety and protection against cyber-attacks. The destruction level by this type of cyber threat could be disastrous.

3. Cyber terrorism
This is the most extreme type of cyber threat and is linked with the emotional expression of humans. Cyber terrorism is approached by creating waves of terror and panic by undermining the electronic system. The extent of cyber-terrorism could be varying depending on the underlying usage of technology and techniques.

As we live in a technological change era, it is essential to understand our lives' vital insights. Cybersecurity held a great place in our society and at the international level. Enjoying all the aspects of technology could be highly possible by utilizing cybersecurity. 

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