17 Paintings Unfold “Dark Side” of Japanese society, That You Never Know!

For Japan It is also known as one of the “high quality” countries in the world, and is also a good place to live. The quality of life of the population is so high that it is hard to find.

But it is good that the population in many countries are jealous that there are problems as well. Today, we will offer another side that people do not see each other with 17 paintings unfold “dark side” of Japanese society. The foreigners may never know.

#1 – Here are the dumped children. Like a forgotten bag, not a little

#2 – The Japanese are like what is attached.

#3- Restricted living space

#4 – Congestion in rush hour

#5 – Life Must Rush to Everything

#6 – People Are Not Robots !! Is it Really a Japanese Robot?

#7 – Barriers To Work Are Always Available. And You Must not Miss

#8 – School may not be suitable for all children

#9 – Interviews that do not know how to dig deep

#10 – Power Up

#11 – Mobile does not have the only advantages

#12 – Overworked

#13 – Living People Here

#14 – No Caption …

#15 – True Identity

#16 – Shopping

#17 –  Service



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