Top 10 Best Deodorants 2017 for Men Reviews

After an intense workout, before a romantic date, or when off to work, it is best to make sure that you smell great. Not only does this would make you feel confident about yourself, but it also helps you leave a good impression on others. So, be sure to make personal hygiene your top priority by using the best deodorant for men that can give you an amazing scent to last all day long.

Here are the top 10 best deodorants for men reviews that can guide you in finding the right product to buy. These items are designed specifically for men, so you can be sure that these deodorants will help you stay fresh-smelling and more appealing for hours.

10-Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant

Deodorants for Men

No one wants to smell like they have just gone to the gym when in fact, it has only been a few hours since their last shower. If your old deodorant hardly ever does the job, then it’s time to switch to a better and more effective product that can handle wetness and odor well. Dove Men’s antiperspirant offers an outstanding 48 hours of wetness protection, so you don’t feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed about sweating profusely. It also keeps foul odor away as it leaves an invigorating and ultra-fresh scent. Since this product is recommended by dermatologists, you can be sure that it will not irritate your skin. There is even moisturizer added, which helps keep your skin smooth and soft. Just choose from a wide variety of scents available including Clean Comfort, Aqua Impact and Cool Silver.

9-Degree Men Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

Deodorants for Men

Does your sweat constantly bother you and leaves a nasty stain on your shirt? This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing at the same time, and your date may even be feeling a little awkward each time you raise your arm to reveal that wet mark on your underarms. Before things get out of hand, be sure to use an effective and safe deodorant + antiperspirant for men. Degree provides 24-hour protection while keeping you feeling fresh and more confident. It offers a cool scent, and the ingredients are specially formulated to prevent irritation while moisturizing your skin. Six refreshing scents are available including Power, Sport, Extreme Blast, Cool Comfort, Clean, and Cool Rush.

8-Degree Men Dry Protection Antiperspirant

Deodorants for Men

Available at a 2.7-ounce stick, this antiperspirant for men is a sure way to boost your confidence and ensure your freshness all day. It comes with an ultra dry formula that is specifically designed for men, while providing an invigorating shower fresh scent you will love. To make it even better, it features a type of technology that responds to your body, which means extra protection is provided each time it is very much needed. So, no matter how intensive your workout is, or even if you sweat a lot, you can count on Degree to keep you dry and fresh all the time.

7-Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport

Deodorants for Men

Feel and smell great with this deodorant for men by Old Spice. It is available in a stick form that can last for several weeks. You will love the rejuvenating scent that it reveals, which never fails to protect you from sweat and bad odor. Old Spice also brings a whole range of manly scents that will leave an amazing impression including original, fresh, pure sport, and arctic force. Each comes with its unique scent that will meet your standards and preference.

6-Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave Anti-Perspirant

Deodorants for Men

Stay cool, calm and confident with this deodorant by Gillette. Since it is clear, there are no worries about stains on your shirt when you apply this product on. You can rely on it to give you 24-hour protection from embarrassing wetness, foul odor and that uncomfortable feeling of sweating excessively. It comes with an advanced triple protection formula, and this helps block odor perfectly. There is also a dry shield that is transparent and barely noticeable, so there are no stains at all. This product is suitable for active men who want a dependable antiperspirant that will never let them down.

5-Deodorant Stick for Men

Deodorants for Men

Just a few swipes of this antiperspirant are all you need for total protection all day. While it feels wet on your skin right after application, it dries quickly as your skin absorbs it. You will also love how this product does not leave a sticky feel or any residue unlike cheaper antiperspirant in the market. It provides all-day coverage and protection, and you will no longer experience that wet and sweaty feel in your underarm by using this product. Most importantly, it features a mild and cool scent, which is what matters most. With daily use, you will feel cleaner, more comfortable and fresher with this great antiperspirant.

4-Axe Anti-Perspirant Stick

Deodorants for Men

AXE has made a name for itself as one of the most popular antiperspirants for men, which leaves a cool and relaxing scent as it works. It is effective in fighting underarm sweat and odor, and there are several scents to choose from. Among the popular scents include citrus, geranium and lavender, which are all invigorating and relaxing at the same time. So, if you constantly battle with too much perspiration and foul odor, then AXE can help you solve these problems while caring for your skin.

3-Old Spice, Sweat Defense, Solid Antiperspirant

Deodorants for Men

Why settle for some cheap and low quality antiperspirant when you can have an ever-reliable and effective product to fight off wetness and odor at the same time? Old Spice offers the toughest protection from odor and sweat that may leave you feeling embarrassed. With only a small amount, you can have total wetness and odor protection all day. The package comes with holes at the tip, and it dispenses the right amount per application. With this product, just a little goes a long, long way.

2-Secret Invisible Solid Powder Fresh Scent

Deodorants for Men

Secret offers a tried and tested formula that works perfectly for wetness protection – great for men who lead an active lifestyle. With PH-balanced components plus a powder fresh scent, you will will clean and confident at the same time. It also goes on dry, so every use does not leave an unsightly stain. So, you can get the level of protection you need while keeping it discreet and effective to last several hours.

1-Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection Antiperspirant

Deodorants for Men

Tested and recommended by dermatologists, this antiperspirant for men is a must-have for everyone who needs a stronger, more reliable and more powerful way to fight off odor and wetness. It comes with a mild and safe formula that will not irritate your skin, and you can even apply it before bedtime for total protection. Since it is gentle on your skin, there are no issues that come with it including itching, redness and irritation.


So, get the right protection you need from odor and sweat and leave it to these highly recommended deodorants that work for every active men just like you!

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