Top 10 Most Seductive Perfumes 2017 for Men Reviews

Finding a fragrance that suits can be challenging, especially since there are much fewer that are specialized for men. However, when you do find one that works, it can deliver a number of positive experiences. Perfumes can evoke different emotions depending on their blend. They can compliment different facets of your personality, as well as your fashion style. And furthermore, they can subtle affect other people’s perception of you. Whether you’re looking for a sense of ruggedness, freshness, sexiness, or even just the more sensible side of you, there’s bound to be a fragrance that fits.

Perfumes are made up of three main notes, each of which have an accompanying set of ingredients. Base notes gives the smell a stronger foundation, often made up of earthy tones. Middle notes can be versatile in its composition and usually make up the majority of the sense. Top notes are the subtle hints in the fragrance that can add a whole new level to the scent.

Here are top 10 seductive perfumes for men.

10. Musk for Men After Shave by Jovan

Seductive Perfumes for Men

If you’re looking for a bold aftershave that has dominant musky notes and warm spiciness, with small hints of aromatics, this is the fragrance for you. Its top notes are made up of amalfi lemon, lime, pepper and carnation petals. The middle notes are made up of a floral lavender, mint, amber and spices. The base has a complex woodsy notes with a bold foundation of musk. Its most unique aspect is that it can evoke feelings of romantic nostalgia, and is suitable for both day and night time use.

9. Gaultier 2 By Jean Paul Gaultier

Seductive Perfumes for Men

Coming in a 4.2 ounce spray bottle, this fragrance has a broad appeal that will please even those with the pickiest of tastes. It is built from the ground up with a strong trio of musk, amber and vanilla. The deep amber begins its base notes. The mid notes are infused with the sweetness of vanilla bean. And finally the base notes are rounded off with a fresh musk. This is a warm, and addictive scent that is perfect for date nights.

8. Mont Blanc Legend

Seductive Perfumes for Men

If you’re looking for a fragrance that has a timeless, classy scent to evoke a sense of charm and mystery, check out this on from Mont Blanc. The top notes have a hint of bergamot and lavender, while the middle notes comprise of a broad oakmoss and verbena mix. The base notes have a sophisticated foundation of apple, rose, tonka and sandalwood. This perfume is recommended for any casual occasions, or just everyday use.

7. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche


Coming from the esteemed Guy Laroche line, this sexy and seductive essence is a great fragrance of any man looking to add to their complex aesthetics. Known for its complex aromatics and woody undertones, this perfume pleases, yet doesn’t overpower. The base notes contain sandalwood, woody cedar, and a dark leather essence. The mid notes carry that into a spicy coriander and cinnamon blend. The top notes feature rosemary, basil, and artemisia infusion. This is especially recommended for night time use during the winter season.

6. Guess By Parlux Fragrances

Seductive Perfumes for Men

If you consider yourself something of a nature type, this is a great complimentary scent to meld with your personality. Coming in a light aqua package, this long lasting perfume from Guess has a unique subtlety. With a natural wormwood top note, and mid notes of of nutmeg, ginger and floral lavender, this fragrance has an fresh flow to it, with a touch of spice. The base notes have a sandalwood, deep amber and suede mix that has an earthy blend.

5. Pitbull Eau de Toilette

Seductive Perfumes for Men

With its ultra masculine essence and inspired by beats from the musician, Pitbull, this is an excellent choice of fragrance for a night out in the city. The base notes are filled with a deep amber, rich woods and surrounded with fresh tonka bean. The mid notes contain a twist of verbena and woods for a smooth scent. The top notes are garnished with a warm mandarin blend and sun-kissed bergamot. These citrus top notes give it a burst of energy that is seductive that keeps the night alive. With its confident allure, this fragrance is a perfect compliment for many casuals styles.

4. Mont Blanc Exceptionnel

Seductive Perfumes for Men

If you’re looking for an extraordinarily complex, yet subtle perfume, this spray from Mont Blanc is great choice. Characterized by its aromatic accords, fresh spiciness, and hints of citrus amber, this is a complex mix that will leave people nearby stunned. Its top notes consist of a sweet mandarin, lavender, and bittersweet coffee for a contrasting musk. The mid notes consist of a spicy ginger blend, while its foundation is set by a deep musk, amber and patchouli.

3. Perry Black By Perry Ellis

Seductive Perfumes for Men

If you’re looking for something a big more exotic, check out this bottle from Perry Ellis. It has an Oriental spiciness that is unique. It begins with a spicy ginger, benzoin and cardamom. It blends into a fresh vanilla and tonka bean. And finally it has an earthy leather and a dash of spicy pepper. This combination creates a unique scent that works well as a warm night time fragrance for special occasions.

2. Guess Seductive Homme

Seductive Perfumes for Men

For seductive, charming, or charismatic men, finding a suitable fragrance can be difficult. However, this fragrance from Guess is an excellent choice because it combines seductive fruity essence with a suave mix of earthy scents. The base notes are made from a foundation of aromatics and floral fougeres. The mid notes are blended with a mix of vanilla orchid and natural vetiver. The top notes have hints of cardamom milk, pink pepper and mandarin pulp, which create a fruity flavor. Overall, this scent is mild and has a long lasting effect, making it great for daytime use.

1. Guess Seductive Men

Seductive Perfumes for Men

With its fresh and seductive mix of natural ingredients, this is an excellent perfume to compliment your confident, sexy, and charismatic side of your personality. It comes in a 3.4 oz bottle that is as sleek and sexy as the scent itself. It starts with base notes of deep amberwood, creamy sandalwood and patchouli. This sets the foundation for middle notes of violet, vetiver and vanilla orchids. The top notes have just a hint of cardamom milk, mandarin, and pink pepper. This fragrance has a refreshingly sophisticated ideal to it, that makes it great for everyday use.

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