Past and Future Potentials
A university project where I proposed an alternative layout for Pin Lane in Plymouth. I tracked peoples movement within the space and applied algorithms that transformed their behaviour into a river metaphor, gradually constructing and decaying the site.
Personal Identity
My personal branding and styling, seen across my portfolio, business cards, YouTube and Twitter.
Branding created for Brownie's Marine Group's new product Tooka, a type of tankless diving.
Cave of the Golden Calf
A Cave of the Golden Calf themed programme designed for Oxford University New College Commemoration Ball 2010.
An innovative mobile scavenger hunt game that entices players to spend time in shopping centres with the incentive of winning prizes by getting higher scores. Logo and concept created by myself and PHP development by Andrew Hosgood.
Canon IXUS 200IS
A microsite produced to promote the Canon Ixus 200IS within the Absolute Radio website.
Beatrix Carlotta
Branding and business cards designed for Beatrix Carlotta, a London based alternative performance artist, costumer and designer.
Terminator Salvation Premiere
Interviews with celebrities on the red carpet at the premiere of Terminator Salvation at the Rex Cinema in Paris.